Friday, January 15, 2010

Zimbabwe's $100,000,000,000,000 bill!

Hello, everyone!

Random Finding: Okay, so while stumbling I find this

It's a Zimbabwean one hundred trillion dollar bill. That's right, no typo That's 100,000,000,000,000! Apparently, the hyperinflation is pretty bad over there (the worst in the world in fact), considering that the one hundred trillion dollar bill is currently worth $33 US dollars. So, having this in mind what is the Zimbabwean one dollar bill worth? Just about as much as food samples from Costco. I also read that kids won't even bother to pick up billion dollar bills off the streets! I can imagine their conversations right now:

Kid: Mommy, can i buy the chocolate?
Mom: How much does it cost?
Kid: Um...50
Mom: 50 what?
Kid: 50...billion dollars.
Mom: Oh, wow...Is it on sale or something? *hands money*
Cashier: Here's your change. *hands 100 million dollar bill*.

Or here's another possible scenario:
Guy1: Hey I bet you anything she's not single
Guy2: Okay I'll bet about 200 billion dollars?
Guy1: Dude, what am i gonna buy with that? 500 billion dollars or nothing.
Guy1: OK.
*approaches the girl in club.*
Guy1: Excuse me are you, single.
Chick: Yes
Guy2: Ooh. I'll take you home for 1 trillion bucks.
Chick: I'm not some kind of cheap prostitute!

No, but in all seriousness, that is not right! Who's running the government over there? What is wrong with this world? That's it for now, but for now you can chose between these two rather unpleasant situations.

Would you rather: Have sex with an animal of your choice or drink 5 cups of your friends vomit. Vote on the right side of the page and comment below with your answers.


  1. You know its really bad in the country when its cheaper to wipe your ass with money than buy toilet paper with it!

  2. so true and i'll bet you a trillion zimbabwe dollars it won't get better soon. How depressing...