Monday, March 8, 2010

Wacky T.A.

So in my Art History class I have this very bizarre T.A. who is always saying random and rather inappropriate things. After hearing such comments, I decided to write some of them. Enjoy :)

Keep in mind that this is an art history class...
TA: Can you believe that I've never seen a real penis before?
*class stares in disbelief.*
TA: I'm just kidding, you guys. Of course I've seen a penis.

TA: When you use that hand sanitizer thingy, where do all the cooties go?
Student: Um...They die.
TA: Well, duh, but do they disappear or do I just have dead cooties in my hand right now?

*showing us a picture in a blue and red dress/garment.*
TA: Can anybody tell me what does the color symbolize in her dress?
Student: Well, since the Virgin Mary is always painted in blue and red clothing, maybe it's an allusion to her?
TA (rolling eyes): Oh please, I wear blue and red and I'm not a virgin.

TA: So from your reading, what is idealism?
Student1: (wrong answer)
TA: Well, not really. Anybody else?
Student2: Its when the beauty of human is shown through nature.
TA: That's right so in other words your looking at idealism perfected (points at and touches herself).

*analyzing Michelangelo's David.*
TA: Michelangelo's David showed the idealization and perfection of the human body. But looking around the room we see nothing of that. Come on guys, go to the gym or something if you wanna get some girls.

Yeah, so that pretty much sums up my TA. Seriously there is something wrong with her. She is not very bright,, as you could tell, but I must say that she keeps the class somewhat entertaining by saying things like this...She's not bad-looking either...

Cosmic Question: If you place a chameleon in a room of mirrors, what color does it turn?
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